32 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Loved "Stranger Things 2"


Disclaimer: this post is 90% Steve Harrington and Bob, because nothing else matters.


  1. Posted by jimmonahan16319, — Reply

    I can just imagine Steve being like “Mike, honey, please try to smile. Lucas what did we say about your back position, you really need to get into it. You too Max. And Dustin, amazing job sweetie you look great.”

  2. Posted by charles24kim, — Reply

    Steve : A little more to the hips, Mike, hon! (to El) Steve : I'll put you on the stage when the fans make you my daughter

  3. Posted by Bella_Grace112817, — Reply

    The whole time steve is screaming “DUSTIN! STOP GIVING IT TO THEM!!! YOU HAVE TO IGNORE THEM TO GET THE GIRLS!!!” 😂

  4. Posted by sbbregu, — Reply

    I just watched mean girls when this sence came on all I could think of was this picture

  5. Posted by BCJTmusic, — Reply

    I'm the only one who is seeing that at 2 am I really want to laugh!!!!

  6. Posted by sophiaschliesser, — Reply

    If you look closely EL IS NOT IN THE PICTURE

  7. Posted by charles24kim, — Reply

    Steve is the best mother on stranger things.

  8. Posted by lamiah41, — Reply

    So max asked lucas to switch positions w mike lol

  9. Posted by omg_itz_brianna1271, — Reply

    Ya Steve is with mike Dustin Lucas and max

  10. Posted by shannonlocks, — Reply

    Can I just ask why Will isn’t in this but max is

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