40 DIY Wind Chime Ideas To Try This Summer - Bored Art


302.1Kshares Facebook514 Twitter62 Pinterest301.5K StumbleUpon0 TumblrAre you one of those people who has to have at least one DIY projects going at a particular time because you love the creative process involved and enjoy the artistic aspect of it? Then we are sure that you will love this article because it is all about DIY wind chine ideas that you can do this summer. We are sure that you know what a wind chime is and if you are not, then let us nudge your memory. Do you remember the things that people hang on their balconies, verandahs, porches and


  1. Posted by lisamclean505, — Reply

    Dont get me wrong this is pretty but if that bad boy blows off someone is gonna be sliced in half. Lol

  2. Posted by spangler3, — Reply

    I’m disappointed could not find directions on how to make wind spinner out of lids.

  3. Posted by nancylousuzieq, — Reply

    Lisa, my exact first thoughts lol beautiful but make with caution. Love it !! :)

  4. Posted by spangler3, — Reply

    Disappointed could not find how to make wind spinner with lids.

  5. Posted by bruce0427, — Reply

    how is the wind spinner made with pop top can lids made? thank you!

  6. Posted by uo97402, — Reply

    Man, lean it, look at the pretty...😳 ⛑

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