71 Funny Pokémon Memes That Only Gamers Will Understand


After 20+ years, Pokémon is still as popular as ever. To celebrate our love of Pokémon, here are some clean and funny Pokémon memes to enjoy.


  1. Posted by tyedyed_chicken, — Reply

    Pokemon trainer in the garbage container

  2. Posted by IGuaranteeImNOTaRobot, — Reply

    Ash in the trash Hide them everywhere They WILL be the very best

  3. Posted by lemxn_pie, — Reply

    Ash in the trash Xd I love it!god my humor is trash *BUDUM TISS* okay I’ll leave

  4. Posted by JustYourEruditeFriend, — Reply

    Pokemon..gotta catch em all. Even in the trash can!

  5. Posted by munkinsoup, — Reply


  6. Posted by nataliesoph12, — Reply

    Ash in the trash

  7. Posted by kesha226, — Reply

    That was lame, but it still made me smile :)

  8. Posted by 6owo8, — Reply

    Where he belongs

  9. Posted by munkinsoup, — Reply

    I’m gonna say it

  10. Posted by Sanjiiiiiii, — Reply

    aSh iN tHe TrAsH

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