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  1. Posted by halliedowdle, — Reply

    I’m a girl and I can say that periods are gross. You bleed and it is nasty but boys who get grossed out just need to understand that it’s uncontrollable and they’re going to have to be mature about it

  2. Posted by jasjas_, — Reply

    Period it's gross,it is physical suffering,it's blood,it's unconfortable af,i can agree that period it's gross but not with a boy,because the majority of them at the same time thinks that normalizing their cum or peeing in public it's ok.

  3. Posted by Zahirovych, — Reply

    They are not lame just not educated they do not realize why does is happen or how it feels.Also there is some girls that leave traces of their blood in public restrooms,thats not such a good impression.Im not defending anyone,just saying.

  4. Posted by Acheillez, — Reply

    There's a difference between being grossed out and being downright disrespecting about it. Blood is gross but you wouldn't deny to help someone if they're bleeding. Even if it's gross, it's natural. You can't do anything about it.

  5. Posted by ProxyClown, — Reply

    It is gross BUT also natural. If they are grossed out and disrespectful by something you cannot stop then yeah, they trash. It's worth giving them a brief explanation of how it works before judging them though. They might learn a thing or two and change their behavior.

  6. Posted by 0taegan0, — Reply

    Most of my guy friends don’t even know what a period is.. I’m in the 6th grade, that awkward grade where all the girls start, and we all keep it as secret as possible.. Idk why but it just happens.

  7. Posted by dapbean, — Reply

    Periods are gross, yes, it’s blood coming from the downstairs. If you talk to another person that gets periods you will have a mature conversation about it, but if it’s an uninformed person they will act like a 4 year old hearing about cooties.

  8. Posted by beanyybean, — Reply

    I have never heard someone say periods are gross like you can’t control it and it’s not something a dude would just stare and like completely throw up too

  9. Posted by brookekskilton, — Reply

    The other day I needed a tampon so I asked my mom for one (we were in a hotel so little space) and my brother was like "EEEW TALK SOMEWHERE ELSE " like where do you want us to go. We're sharing one hotel room.

  10. Posted by gingersnap344, — Reply

    I mean, it is a little gross, but, it’s completely natural. It really sucks most of the time. Some guys think they’re better than us just because they don’t have to deal with this crap. I wonder how they would act if we suddenly stopped having periods and then they started having them instead..

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