Chrome Modern Rectangle Stand Metal Geometric Vase/Metal Frame/Tall Stand/ Four Rod Stand/ Metal Vase/ Metal Vase/ Metal Riser/ Collapsible


These lovely Geometric Stands are beautiful and versatile for any wedding or event. You can decorate them with florals, feathers and greenery! They are made out of lightweight metal and easily can hold large amounts of weight! These are perfect for any event decorator to add to there collection! They come in Rose Gold and French Gold brushed chrome finishing. They are collapsible and will come flat. The top and bottom squares come made and the rods come with 8 screws so you can screw the legs in once received. PREORDER FLAT GOLD NOW 24", 32", AND 40'! COMING END OF MARCH - WILL BE SHIPPING OUT ASAP! They come in 3 sizes: 24" Hx 9"x9" 30" White & Rose Gold Only. 32" Hx 11.75"x11.75" French Gold Rose Gold White Flat Gold - No Shine Rose Gold & White Thickness - 0.7mm French Gold and Flat Gold Thickness- 0.5mm ASSEMBLY REQUIRED FLOWERS NOT INCLUDED - STAND ONLY THERE IS NO GLASS OR ACRYLIC AT THE TOP IT IS JUST THE FRAME PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR NEED BY DATE!! ✨Follow us on social media!✨ 👉Instagram - @VallariDecor 👉Pinterest - @VallariDecor 👉Facebook - @VallariDecor