Dress for Success: Elevate Your Lifestyle


Imagine this: You are living your ideal lifestyle, achieving all of your goals with ease, and you have the wealth and success that you have always desired. This is possible for you and it can be your reality! All it takes is a mindset shift, goal setting and effective personal branding. Personal branding is about your image, your reputation and the way you present yourself to the world. Your presence and how you show up everyday can open so many doors and opportunities for you. This guide will help you level up in your professional and personal life with success strategies and lifestyle tips that you can put into action today.  In this e-book and style guide, you will learn how to:  Define Your Personal Brand Find your Signature Style Create a Capsule Wardrobe Increase Your Confidence Set Smart Goals with Goal Setting Worksheet How to Plan Your Morning & Evening Routines Three Keys to Success and Fulfilling Your Purpose Iconic Closet Checklist  Where to Shop for High End Quality Pieces Become more Mindful and Present in your Day Create a Vision Board Style and Success Tips, Wealth Affirmations, Quotes, and more. This guide is for any woman who wants to become their best self, upgrade their lifestyle, improve their image, achieve their goals, increase their confidence and finances and reach a new level of success.   If you are looking to level up in your career or business, If you are looking to make positive changes in your life and change your mindset for the better,  If you need motivation, inspiration and the extra push to go after your goals or passions, this book is for you! Setting goals, having a morning routine, being more mindful of your thoughts, speaking and thinking positive is crucial to achieving success. This book is designed to help you do all of these in a way that’s easy to implement.  Creating a Capsule Wardrobe eliminates daily "what to wear" decisions, promotes more mindfulness, and clears up clutter in our lives. Grab this guide to learn how to create your capsule from your current closet. Personal branding offers so many benefits to a person's career and life. It helps in building confidence while gaining trust, authenticity, and credibility.  Have you ever found yourself wondering what kind of impression you make on others? Or whether your style and the way you carry yourself truly reflects your mission and the way you want to be represented? It‘s definitely something to think about. After all, it‘s been proven many times over that personal style and success are very closely linked. No matter your profession or title, the way that you present yourself to others can propel your lifestyle. The way that you carry yourself sets the standard for how others treat you. When you show up looking your best with confidence and poise, you are guaranteed to feel better about yourself and do your best work! Creating and defining your personal brand does not have to be time consuming or expensive. Express your individuality and find timeless, staple pieces for your wardrobe that can be dressed up or down and worn for work or play. This e-book will help you create a wardrobe and life that you love! Dress for the career you want and the life you want and before you know it, you will see yourself as the woman you wish to be! The "Dress For Success" ebook includes guided worksheets, checklists and goal setting mechanisms to motivate you and help you grow to make progress by leaps and bounds in both, your personal and professional life. This e-book will be sent to your email instantly upon purchase. It contains 20 PDF pages that can be read straight from your phone, PC, or iPad and can also be used with iBooks and Kindle apps!   Contact us at [email protected] for questions/inquiries. About the Author: Cydney McMillon (Master of Education, Instructional Technology) is an Information Technology Analyst , Success Life Coach and Founder of beauty brand Iconic Style Inc: iconicstyleinc.com which specializes in style and success. Cydney is the author of newly released e-book: “Dress for Success, How to define your personal brand and elevate your lifestyle.” She has also created and published digital planners for women to increase productivity and manage personal finances. With her technical talents and expertise, Cydney has built a digital corporation with a passion for fashion and a mission for helping women attain success. Find out more about the author, her technical journey and background, and how she created her fashion brand here:  https://iconicstyleinc.com/blogs/news/the-story-behind-the-iconic-style-inc-brand Book a coaching call and goal strategy session with Cydney by clicking here:  https://iconicstyleinc.com/collections/success-tools/products/life-coaching-services?variant=32167854145641 2019 All Rights Reserved. Iconic Style Inc.