I just watched an awesome movie!


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  1. Posted by hensleyam3, — Reply

    There is two ways of saying something; there is the specific nice way and there’s the long and weird way, like this for instance, I could say, me and my friend had a sleepover and it was fun or I could say, me and my friend did doll hair in her basement and then my cousin called and when I answered I screamed “PIPE CLEANERS!”

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    a kiss your hand (left hand) 2.-say the name of you love 3.-close your hand 4.-say the name of the weekday 5-say your name 6. Open your hand 7.- paste this to 15 comments and the day you said (August 21st)he/she will tell you that they like you and maybe even engages you or maybe kiss you. If you don’t do it something will go wrong in about a hour.

  3. Posted by cadyn8207, — Reply

    There are 2 types of people, the simple kids bcause they’re bored and the complex others who watch it because of the violence

  4. Posted by crazybooklover09, — Reply

    But nemo is Latin for not real; therfore, Marlin imagined everything b\c he missed his wife and dead children

  5. Posted by leiaannm, — Reply

    i wish i could put this down the next time a teacher asks me to write Finding Nemo's summary

  6. Posted by graceheadington, — Reply

    They had us in the first line, ngl

  7. Posted by punkeydoodles, — Reply

    “Mentally ill fEmaLE”

  8. Posted by jsanchezangel1, — Reply

    I have never heard of finding nemo

  9. Posted by shilaye, — Reply

    follow me and look at my pins

  10. Posted by case9208, — Reply

    That is awesome it made me and my friends

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