We Are Doomed


One of the weapons in the fight against the coronavirus is humor because it makes us laugh and helps us forget our worries and recharges our batteries.


  1. Posted by laurynahead, — Reply

    Come on, kids! 2020’s finally almost over! We’ll be safe again! 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... *evil demon shows up and slaughters us all as the world explodes into a raging ball of fire* One. Happy new year, bitches

  2. Posted by iamalight03, — Reply

    Noooo. I'm supposed to graduate in May 2021, apply to a good art program, and move out. Then I can hang out with my friends and smoke a lot of pot, while also kicking ass at a stop-gap job, climbing up the ladder and finding another, better job. 2021, I beg of thee to rethink the apocalypse, think of all the weed to be smoked!

  3. Posted by srbgavin1, — Reply

    They certainly didn’t wait for 2021 before turning things to shit

  4. Posted by megical_ace_potato, — Reply

    My little brother is have dyslexia and he verry good at math.

  5. Posted by Esmeralda460, — Reply

    It's not dyslexia, it's something else for numbers id remember tho

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  7. Posted by harrypottetlovet, — Reply

    This aged well

  8. Posted by AriamSaphireWolf, — Reply

    Is this true

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